The laser cutting machine needs strong power to ensure its stable operation. Because of the access of strong electricity, the grounding wire is a very important link in the process of use, but it is often easy to be neglected. Poor grounding may lead to the leakage of the machine shell, resulting in personal safety hazards. So how can grounding be correct and effective? Today, Baichao Dineng Laser will share with you the correct method of grounding the laser cutting machine.
Because of the asymmetry of the shape of the eccentric shaft, it will inevitably cause unbalance during processing, so the first problem to be solved before processing the eccentric shaft is the counterweight. Selecting the appropriate counterweight can make the transmission of the workpiece stable during processing, thus meeting the processing accuracy of the product.
Most carbon steel screws need hardening heat treatment process. In addition to the general screw inspection and quality control, carbon steel screws also need to do some quality inspection and control on the heat treatment process.
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