In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, cutting is one of the basic processes with a large amount of applications and a wide range of applications. The cutting methods include punching, shearing, flame cutting, electric discharge machining, water cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting. Each cutting method has its own advantages, but also has certain limitations.
The laser cutting machine needs strong power to ensure its stable operation. Because of the access of strong electricity, the grounding wire is a very important link in the process of use, but it is often easy to be neglected. Poor grounding may lead to the leakage of the machine shell, resulting in personal safety hazards. So how can grounding be correct and effective? Today, Baichao Dineng Laser will share with you the correct method of grounding the laser cutting machine.
Dalian Kaitailong Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise. It is committed to the design and manufacture of Dalian sheet metal processing, sheet metal parts, stainless steel trolley, precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal customization, stainless steel sculpture, and equipment sheet metal shell. For many years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "combining industrial technology with art" and providing customers with high-quality and elegant products and technical services. The application fields of the products include medical treatment, food, energy conservation and environmental protection, mining machinery, transportation electronics, architecture, public art, home furnishing and other industries. The company has cooperated with domestic and international well-known companies for a long time, and its products and services have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad. The company pays attention to innovation and research and development, and many products and technologies have obtained national patents. Warmly welcome customers to visit and guide.
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