Correct grounding wire of laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine needs strong power to ensure its stable operation. Because of the access of strong electricity, the grounding wire is a very important link in the process of use, but it is often easy to be neglected. Poor grounding may lead to the leakage of the machine shell, resulting in personal safety hazards. So how can grounding be correct and effective? Today, Baichao Dineng Laser will share with you the correct method of grounding the laser cutting machine.

Preparation before grounding:

1. 2-4 grounding devices must be used × thirty-five × 1500mm angle steel shall be driven into any damp place around the house, and the distance of each piece shall be 1m, and then 3 × 30mm flat iron leads each connection out of the soil surface to form a good grounding network.

2. After setting up the grounding grid, measure its resistance to the ground with an instrument. The standard resistance value is 3~5 ohms.

3. After the resistance value is measured, use a RVV2.5mm2 copper core wire to connect one end to the outgoing end of the grounding network and the other end into the grounding hole of the socket used by the laser cutting machine.

Installation steps:

1. First find a wet place around the house and dig 1.5m2 × 300mm soil surface, then use the prepared angle steel to drive into the soil, and then use 2 × The 30mm flat iron shall be connected by electric welding or 7mm hole and screw, leading out 1.8m high from the ground and burying the earth in the grounding grid.

2. Use a measuring instrument to measure the resistance of the network to the ground.

3. Drill an 8mm hole at the top of the lead flat iron, file the hole around, and then coat it with Vasophos, and then tighten the wire and flat iron.

4. Finally, lead the wire into the user's wire slot and add a safety grounding wire in the power grid.